Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The 3 Amigos last night

Gawd , how long has it been since I last posted here 

Well the 3 dawglets are still happy and healthy and heres a few pics from last night , just a couple of simple tricks to earn their treats

Gypsy sitting Pretty

Toffee being a bear (on hind legs and giving a growl)

Teddy wasnt in the mood to play

And all 3 looking as gorgeous as ever

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Gypsy's 5th birthday

It was Gypsy's 5th birthday Sept 14th (Im a bad Mum for not updating here sooner). She got some pressies and treats on the day , which of course being the lovely girlie she is , she shared with Toffee and Teddy. She also had a Birthday liver cake , which all the dogs enjoyed :)

Just noticed her eyes are closed ... maybe she's praying for more pressies , lol

(liver) Celebration Cake

Friday, 19 July 2013

Sadly Kai has been returned to the rescue :(

Kai was given a steroid injection to help him absorb protein better , but it made him aggressive and he started attacking Teddy constantly. Obviously I couldnt have one of my dogs being targeted all the time so I returned Kai to the rescue

I miss him so much :(

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Kai's doing a lot better :)

I starved him on sunday for 24 hours , and since then he has been eating boiled chicken and rice twice a day.
I was supposed to get three different fecal samples for the vet but he didnt have a poo at all until this morning , and that was semi solid 

The vet (who Kai saw this afternoon) is pleased with him overall , and gave him an injection of Laurabolin , a steroid which will help him get more protein from his food apparently and help put some meat on his bones
The vet also spotted today that one of Kai's fangs has snapped off halfway and the other has lost a lot of its enamel and looks worn (the vet thought this was how the other fang snapped off) Kai isnt in any pain though and the vet is happy enough not to bother with any dental work for now.

The vet also believes that Kai is a lot younger than everyone thought , he puts his age at between 9 - 11 months 

Also today I spoke to a behaviourist recommended by the rescue I got Kai from ... she saw a vid I had taken of Kai's pacing (you can see it here if you want ) and spoke to me for a good hour+ giving advice and she gave me her number and said to call anytime I wanted advice 

So a good day today :D

Friday, 5 July 2013

My gorgeous family

My gorgeous family - Brother , Daughter , Son-in-Law (to be :D ) , Grandkids and my dogs

The Fantastic four

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Breakthrough with Kai and Pups in the garden

Kai's stress pacing was distressing me , so I decided to try tieing his longline to a tree in my garden and seeing whether me not holding the lead would stop him being so stressed ..... and it did :D

Even though he enjoys his walks and doesnt mind in the slightest being on lead outside the garden it did bother him in the garden , well no more ... today he has just been relaxing in the sun and in the shade , playing with the other dogs and theres been zero stress pacing at all ... he's also happily been toileting out there too 


Heres a few pics of the Fantastic Four :) (I cant call them the three Amigo's anymore can I , lol)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Lets start at the beginning

Kai's settling in well ... He hates toileting on a lead so we've had a few accidents , but I expected that , perseverance & patience ... lots and lots of patience , hehehehe
He is playing tug with Teddy happily now which is great , Toffee isnt interested in playing with him at all though
But I was in hysterics before , earlier Kai wanted a toy Gypsy had , and given that Gypsy keeps air snapping and growling at him I was a bit worried as to what extreme she would go to when he tried getting it but decided to let the situation play out and see what happened
Gypsy growled , Kai play bowed , gave a wuffly bark then snatched it out of her mouth and ran off with it ... Gypsy just stood there looking around as if to say "Yeah I let him have it"

Looks like my bossy madam has some competition :D

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Meet Kai my new dog

He came all the way from Bucharest in Romania courtesy of the bandofhope.romanianrescue .... (I dont know if you know about the situation with the Romanian government killing strays and dogs that are already in rescues over there , its heartbreaking)

He is about 18 months old and was found in a field along with his wife and their litter of pups ... thankfully all of them were legally got out of Romania and have found homes here in the UK , and lucky me got to adopt Kai :D

The poor love is rack thin , I can feel every bone in his spine and every rib , and thats after being fed lots by his fosterer this last week , so you can imagine just how hard its been for him over in Romania :(

He is super intelligent and very sweet and loving but a bit of a houdini , so he is staying on his longline , even in my garden , until I can trust his recall 100%
As for his intelligence within half an hour he worked out where the dog food bin was and how to get the lid off so I had to move that into my pantry , the little tinker 

Welcome to your new jail Kai , where every window and door is locked and any outside time is supervised while you are tethered to your new guard , lol

Heres a few piccies of my new baby .. YAY 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

LOL , My dogs hate me now

So I was rooting through my wardrobe and drawers looking for something and came across something id bought years and years ago for halloween ... and me being me , well of course im uber evil and now my dogs hate me , well two of them do , the third doesnt give a darn as long as theres a biscuit attached to the deal :D

I used to love you

*sobs* im a boy dammit

So ... do I look pretty then Mum ?

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

On the field

Teddy the hide and seek champ having a well earned rest

Toff eating grass , lying down , the lazy sod

Just pick it up and throw the damn thing will ya


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

What I think my dogs are saying

Did someone say treats

Do you really think that joke was funny

Go home ... you mean no more walkies  gulps

Im so ecstatically happy ... yes I am

Sunday, 31 March 2013

My Brother has a new dog :)

Her names Sasha and she was adopted from a friend of theirs who no longer had the time to devote to her
She is 4 years old and of unknown parentage , the original owner said she was a Cypriot poodle  , which my Brother took to mean a cross breed as he has never heard of that breed before
She is overweight as she wasnt getting walks with her other owner , but my Brother is taking her for two walks a day now so hopefully she will start to lose the excess soon :)

Anyway , she is just adorable , so sweet natured and laid back , but she is soooo tiny ,  just right for a fluffy cuddle , lol


With my lot (excuse their sofa , its getting tattier by the second , lol)

All in a row

Monday, 4 February 2013

Gypsy got caught out

My Brother sent me this pic , he took it yesterday. Its definite proof that Gypsy isnt the sweet little angel she makes out but half devil too

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A snowy walk

Just some pics from today

Watch out below :)

Wiggle giggle time